Assistant Professor Architecture 541/2014 Answer Key

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Post: Assistant Professor Architecture
Department: Technical Education (Engineering Colleges)
Category Code: 541/14
Qualification: BE/B.Tech and ME/M.Tech in Architecture
Date of Test: 23-05-2018

  1. Which of the following is a "King Closer"?
    • A portion of an ordinary brick with the cut made longitudinally and having one uncut stretcher face usually placed next to the first brick
    • One half of an ordinary brick cut transversely
    • The alternate course at the end of a wall projecting out
    • A portion of an ordinary brick formed by removing a corner and leaving a half header and half stretcher faces

  2. Which of the following is hard wood?
    • Mahagony
    • Redwood
    • Rubberwood
    • White pine

  3. Which of the following refers to marble?
    • Silicious sandstones
    • They are sedimentary sandstones
    • They are metamorphosed limestone's
    • Acques rocks

  4. What is meant by total float in Project Management?
    • The extra time available to complete an activity in the critical path without delaying the project
    • Latest start time of succeeding activity-earliest finish time of preceding activity-duration of activity
    • The time which can be saved in a project by crashing activities with extra cost
    • None of these

  5. As per the Disaster Management Act enacted in 2005 by Government of India which of the following organization was constituted?
    • National Disaster Mitigation and Management Authority
    • National Disaster Response Cell
    • National Centre for Disaster Management and Preparedness
    • National Disaster Management Authority

  6. Which of the following is a shallow foundation?
    • RCC pile foundation
    • Isolated footing
    • Composite pile foundation
    • Cap foundation

  7. What is the approximate compressive strength of concrete in the proportion 1 : 2 : 4?
    • 10 N/mm2
    • 20 N/mm2
    • 15 N/mm2
    • 5 N/mm2

  8. Which of the following is not used as a project management software?
    • Matlab
    • Primavera
    • M. S. Project
    • CCS

  9. Which of the following are used for core wall construction of high rise buildings?
    • Slip form
    • Sliding form
    • Flying desk
    • Lift form

  10. Main reinforcement for a 10 cm RCC Cantilever slab is placed at
    • No reinforcement required
    • Bottom
    • Center
    • Top

  11. Identify the system used as an anti siphonage measure.
    • Single stack one pipe system
    • One pipe system partially ventilated
    • One pipe system
    • None of these

  12. A wet riser cum down comer is
    • A hose reel kept near the fire duct
    • A fire rated staircase
    • A pipe with water at specified pressure used for fire fighting
    • A water tank used for fire fighting

  13. What is water seal?
    • Level difference between two sides of a trap
    • A water resistant seal used to prevent water seepage
    • Seal used to prevent water leakage in WC
    • Vertical distance between the upper dip and crown of a trap

  14. What is the thickness of a one brick wall in Flemish bond?
    • 9 cm
    • 23 cm
    • 35 cm
    • 15 cm

  15. What is the approximate measure of electricity consumed in a house for one day?
    • 200 units
    • 3 kWh
    • 240 v
    • 50 Hz

  16. The illumination output of a CFL bulb is
    • 50-70 lumens per watt
    • 10-17 lumens per watt
    • 600 lumens per watt
    • 10000 lumens per watt

  17. A ton of Air Conditioning is equivalent to
    1) 12000 Btu/hr
    2) Energy required to melt one ton of ice over 24 hours
    3) Air conditioning required for a room of 10m2 - to 15m2
    • Only 2) is correct
    • Only 1) and 2) are correct
    • Only 1) is correct
    • All the statements are correct

  18. A concrete beam in a bridge is constructed with holes (longitudinal), through which wires are threaded and later anchored at both ends. This method is called
    • Post tensioning
    • Pre tensioning
    • Light weight concrete
    • Expansion joint

  19. A time lapse photography technique is used in
    • Traffic and transportation studies
    • Planning studies
    • Urban Design studies
    • All these

  20. What is the standard lane width of a carriage way?
    • 4.5 m
    • 3.5 m
    • 2.5 m
    • 3.0 m

  21. As per KMBR 1998 an intermediate floor in any storey overlooking a floor beneath is called
    • A mezzanine floor
    • A cantilever floor
    • Terrace floor
    • Deck

  22. The special provision for small plots as per KMBR 1998 apply for
    • Residential and commercial plots below 125 m2
    • Residential floors below 135 m2
    • Commercial plots 120 m2
    • Residential plots below 100 m2

  23. Which of the following is not a graphic input device?
    • Curser control device
    • Digitizer
    • Plotter
    • Image input device

  24. In digital architecture computer modeling, programming, simulation and imaging are used to create
    • 3D printing
    • Virtual forms and physical forms
    • Physical forms and images
    • Digital algorithms

  25. As per Architects Act, 1972 what is the duration of professional liability of an architect towards a building
    • Two years after submitting the drawings
    • Three years after submitting for approval
    • Three years after handing on/occupation
    • Two years after granting of building permit

  26. Who among the following are not mandatory members of the council of Architecture, India
    • Five architects elected by IIA
    • Two persons nominated by AICTE
    • Two persons nominated by institution of Engineers from among its members
    • Cabinet secretary of Ministry of Urban Development

  27. Which of the following is a benefit of the Bill of Quantities (BOQ)?
    • Improve accuracy of bids
    • Increase number of bidders
    • Lower the estimate cost
    • Reduce tax

  28. Which of the following is not considered for calculating FAR?
    • Open parking area
    • Area of mezzanine floor
    • Area of covered balcony
    • Area of Corridor

  29. Which occupancy group among the following has the least FAR permitted as per KMBR?
    • Residential
    • Educational
    • Assembly
    • Commercial

  30. Smart Buildings/Structures are
    • Systems containing multifunctional parts that can perform sensing, control and actuation
    • Buildings made of smart materials
    • Structures which are primitive analogue of biological body
    • All of these

  31. The infinity tower to be constructed near Incheon Airport in South Korea is remarkable because
    • It will be the tallest tower
    • The tower will go invisible using high definition cameras and LED display
    • Will be the largest business tower
    • All of these

  32. Which of the following housing development was demolished due to unmanageable crime rates?
    • Diepslot, Johannasberg
    • West End, London
    • Pruitt Igoe, St. Louis
    • Rocinha, Brazil

  33. Find out the most appropriate statement about banks of elevators.
    • A building is split into two or more groups of contiguous floor and each group of floors is served by a set of elevators to improve efficiency
    • A set of elevators will function as a system to respond to the nearest floor
    • Elevators in a bank will continue to move in one direction
    • Elevators are dedicated to different user groups to avoid mixing of functions

  34. Raster is
    • Similar to creating line based images
    • A pixel based image
    • Scalable
    • Without colour gradient

  35. The underside of an arch is called
    • Entablature
    • Cornice
    • Springing line
    • Soffit

  36. Which of the following can be used for scheduling a project?
    • Gantt Chart
    • CPM
    • PERT
    • All of these

  37. Which of the following materials has the lowest embodied energy per kilogram?
    • Steel
    • Glass
    • Cement Concrete
    • Brick

  38. Which of the following fall under indirect cost?
    • Cost of building permit
    • Cost of form work
    • Contingency cost
    • Cost of equipment

  39. What is the approximate fire rating for a 20 cm brick wall?
    • 5 minutes
    • 20 hours
    • 4 hrs.
    • 30 minutes

  40. Ratio of effective height of a building member to its effective thickness is ____________
    • Aspect ratio
    • Slenderness ratio
    • Eccentricity
    • Sabine's ratio

  41. Which of the following ancient cities described by Megesthenes was in the form of a parallelogram, girded by a ditch and wooden wall with 570 towers and 64 gates?
    • Pataliputra
    • Putrajaya
    • Gaya
    • Kausambi

  42. Rudabai's Vav at Adalaj, Ahmadabad is
    • A gateway
    • A library
    • A step well
    • A palace

  43. Which of the following structures in Fatehpur Sikri is made of white marble and embellished with Chajjas?
    • Diwan-i-am
    • Tomb of Salim Chisti
    • Jodha Bai's Palace
    • Diwan-i-Khas

  44. The paintings in the ceiling of Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, done by Michelangelo under the patronage of pope Julius II are considered to be belonging to
    • Eclecticism
    • Gothic
    • Byzantine
    • High renaissance

  45. Which of the following is not a Greek order?
    • Composite
    • Doric
    • Ionic
    • Corinthian

  46. Which of the following temples in Kerala has a multistoried Sanctum Sanctorum?
    • Chengannur Mahadeva Temple
    • Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple
    • Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple
    • Thrissur Vadakkunnatha Temple

  47. Which of the following attribute is not characteristic of the "international" style of architecture?
    • Recognition of local architecture
    • Minimalism
    • Cubism
    • Use of glass and steel

  48. Which of the following buildings is considered an example of deconstruction?
    • Ronchamp Chapel, France
    • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
    • Baker House, Cambridge, USA
    • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

  49. The Mahabalipuram Rathas belong to
    • Chola period
    • Pandya Period
    • Pallava Period
    • Vijayanagara Period

  50. The Iron bridge near Coalbrokedale uses this technique
    • Steel Suspended cables
    • Cast iron Arch
    • Cast Iron beams
    • Cast iron truss

  51. Navi Mumbai is a new town development planned by CIDCO. Which of the following statements relate to this development?
    • Rehabilitating the slum dwellers in high rise apartments
    • Building a new gated community with all facilities
    • A special economic zone for industrial development
    • Providing serviced sites for urban development and housing of different income groups

  52. According to Kevin Lynch, which major elements contribute to building the imageability of a city
    • Nodes, Pathways, Edges, Landmarks and Districts
    • Pathways, Networks, Edges, Landmarks, Nodes
    • Edges, Linkages, Landmarks, Nodes, Districts
    • Morphology, Linkages, Figure-ground, Nodes, Networks

  53. Which of the following towns has incorporated the neighborhood planning principles of Clarence Perry?
    • Letchworth
    • Radburn
    • Wellwyn
    • Sienna

  54. As per census 2011 what is the share of urban population in India?
    • 21%
    • 25%
    • 31%
    • 35%

  55. Read the following recommendations and chose the ones which relate to the National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy, 1998.
    1) Governments to act as facilitator and enabler of Housing
    2) Government to encourage adaptation of critical urban reforms
    3) Government to promote research and development in Housing
    4) Government to encourage FDI in Housing
    • All of them
    • 1), 2), 3) only
    • 1), 2), 4) only
    • 1), 3), 4) only

  56. Born in the year 1917, this famous architect studied at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and became the pioneer of Sustainable architecture. Who is the architect?
    • Hassan Fathy
    • Laurie Baker
    • Geoffrey Bawa
    • Le Corbusier

  57. Which of the following material is used for treatment of bamboo?
    • Salt solution
    • Sodium Carbonate Solution
    • Borax Boric Acid Solution
    • All of these

  58. What is Secondary Mortgage Market?
    • It is a market where mortgage loans and servicing rights are bought and sold
    • It is a place where people sell land which do not have clear title deeds
    • It is system by which a borrower pledges an already mortgaged property
    • None of these

  59. Which of the following cannot be considered a traffic calming measure?
    • Bulbing out/kerb extensions at junctions
    • Narrowing of driveways
    • Embedding speed deterrents
    • Widening at junctions

  60. Which of the following is not considered for GRIHA rating?
    • Site selection
    • Site imperviousness factor
    • On site water reuse
    • Use of remote sensing

  61. Which of the following reports is named as "Our Common Future"?
    • Swaminathan Commission Report
    • Brundtland Commission Report
    • Kasturirangan Commission Report
    • Rio Declaration

  62. Out of the following statements which are the principles of Site Planning?
    A. Minimize slope disturbance
    B. Introduce exotic flora and fauna
    C. Remove all top soil containing biomass
    D. Use suitable retaining walls to prevent soil erosion
    E. Minimize soil disturbance and erosion
    F. Prepare site plan to limit water and energy demand
    • A, E, F only
    • All these
    • F only
    • B, C, D, E only

  63. Which of the following is the formula for calculating Reverberation Time?
    • A = 16 V/T
    • T = 0.16 V/A
    • T = 16.01 A/V
    • A = 16.4 V/T

  64. In an auditorium the back wall is given acoustic treatment to
    • Prevent absorption of sound
    • Increase creeping of sound
    • Reduce background noise
    • Prevent reflection of sound

  65. What is meant by biodiversity hotspot?
    • A waterfront area full of endemic species un deterred by anthropogenic uses
    • An ecosystem which is poor in biodiversity and is capable of assimilating atmospheric carbon
    • A tropical region without any human intervention but losing its flora due to climate change
    • A geographical area rich in biodiversity but rapidly losing biological communities due to human impacts

  66. What is the illumination level required for routine work in an office?
    • 100 lux
    • 300 lux
    • 1000 lux
    • 3000 lux

  67. World Habitat Day is observed on
    • March 21
    • April 22
    • First Monday of October
    • Second Saturday of August

  68. Identify the statements relating to Acclimation.
    1) It is a process by which humans and animals become adapted to unfamiliar set of climatic conditions.
    2) It entails actual changes in the human body brought about by climatic influences.
    3) It connotes a decrease in physiological stress a body continues to be exposed to new conditions.
    4) Temperature is the element of greatest significance in acclimation.
    • 1), 2), 3) only
    • 2), 3), 4) only
    • 1), 4) only
    • All of these

  69. Which of the following sites is climatically suitable for construction in Kerala?
    • A site sloping down to North East
    • A site sloping down to South West
    • A site sloping down to West
    • A site sloping down to East

  70. Which of the following are true about a psychometric chart?
    1) A graphical representation of the thermodynamic properties of moist air
    2) It shows the relation between dry bulb and wet bulb temperature, humidity and vapour pressure
    3) It shows the amount of water accumulated over a period of time due to precipitation
    4) It shows the amount of solar radiation incident on a geographical area
    • All these
    • Only 1), 2), 3)
    • Only 1), 2)
    • Only 3), 4)

  71. Deliberate placement of elements to create opportunities by abrupt transition rather than gradual is called
    • Contrast
    • Emphasis
    • Harmony
    • Asymmetry

  72. The proportions of man is illustrated in the "Ten Books of Architecture" written by
    • Leonordo Da Vinci
    • Palladio
    • Vitruvious
    • Leon Battista Alberti

  73. When we recognize buildings by features which are similar to such type of buildings, it is called
    • Perceived character
    • Functional character
    • Associated character
    • Rhythmic character

  74. Robie House, Falling water and Schroder house are dominated by
    • Linear elements
    • Planar elements
    • Single vertical plane
    • Vertical linear elements

  75. Hierarchy can be achieved through a change in
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Placement
    • All these

  76. The degree of mixture of fine and coarse elements is called
    • Pattern
    • Density
    • Texture
    • Entice

  77. When buildings and their components are related harmoniously to each other and to human beings we call it
    • Scale
    • Proportion
    • Unity
    • Datum

  78. Upto 135 m (450 feet) which of the following is/are possible
    • Distinguish a human face
    • Distinguish human action
    • Distinguish details on the fa├žade
    • All of these

  79. Which of the following architects adopted the phrase "Less is More" as a percent for minimalist design and architecture?
    • Walter Gropius
    • Luis Sullivan
    • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
    • Adolf Loos

  80. Sense of Place is determined by
    • Personal experiences, Social Interactions and Identities
    • Place attachment and place meaning
    • Symbolic meaning people ascribe to places
    • All these

  81. Who started mirror consecration in South India?
    • Sree Narayana Guru
    • Vaikunda Swamikal
    • Vagbhatananda
    • Ayyankali

  82. The real name of Vagbhatananda?
    • Ayyappan
    • Kunhikkannan
    • Kunhiraman
    • Kunturaman

  83. In which year Sree Narayana Guru consecrated Siva idol at Aruvippuram?
    • 1881
    • 1896
    • 1903
    • 1888

  84. "Athmanuthapam" is written by
    • Chattampi Swamikal
    • Ayyankali
    • Mar Kuriakose Elias Chavara
    • Vagbhatananda

  85. Who organized Kallumala agitation?
    • Chattampi Swamikal
    • Ayyankali
    • Sree Narayana Guru
    • Vaikunda Swamikal

  86. At Delhi, the revolt of 1857 was led by
    • Nana Sahib
    • Thanthia Thoppi
    • Bahadur Sha
    • Kunwar Singh

  87. The conference in which the Indian National Congress declared Purnaswaraj as the ultimate goal
    • Nagpur
    • Bombay
    • Allahabad
    • Lahore

  88. The separate electorates for Muslims was introduced by
    • The Act of 1919
    • The Act of 1935
    • Rowlet Acts
    • Minto-Morley Reforms

  89. In which year prince Wales visited to India?
    • 1919
    • 1920
    • 1921
    • 1922

  90. The famous pilgrim centre of Vaikam is situated on the banks of
    • Kayamkulam lake
    • Vembanadu lake
    • Ashtamudi lake
    • Sasthamcotta lake

  91. The length of river Pamba is
    • 110 miles
    • 142 miles
    • 130 miles
    • 125 miles

  92. The holy place Kasi is situated on the banks of river
    • Ganges
    • Brahmaputhra
    • Yamuna
    • Narmada

  93. The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in South India is called
    • The Bollan pass
    • The Palghat pass
    • Kaibar pass
    • The Aramboli pass

  94. Which among the following is the least populated state in India?
    • Sikkim
    • Goa
    • Manipur
    • Missoram

  95. Which programme given the slogan of Garibi Hatao?
    • 3rd Five Year Plan
    • 5th Five Year Plan
    • 6th Five Year Plan
    • 7th Five Year Plan

  96. Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) relate to
    • World Bank
    • Reserve Bank of India
    • World Trade Organization
    • International Monetary Fund

  97. Hopman Cup is related to which game?
    • Foot Ball
    • Lawn Tennis
    • Badminton
    • Cricket

  98. Which is the national game of Canada?
    • Volley ball
    • Cricket
    • Field hockey
    • Ice hockey

  99. Neeraj Vora, who passed away recently, was associated with which field?
    • Politics
    • Law
    • Film Industry
    • Journalism

  100. Who was awarded as the best actor of 64th National Film Awards?
    • Akshay Kumar
    • Sharukh Khan
    • Ajay Devgan
    • Amir Khan


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