What is known as the Magna Carta of Thiruvithamcore ryots (farmers)?

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What is known as the Magna Carta of Thiruvithamcore ryots(farmers)?
A) Temple Entry Proclamation
B) Kurichya Revolt
C) Pandara Pattam Proclamation
D) Thanthrapravesana Vilambaram
Answer: Pandara Pattam Proclamation

Pandara Pattam Proclamation issued in _______

Pandara Pattam Proclamation issued by _______
Ayilyam Thirunal

Magna Carta of Indian Constitution
Part III

Which is known as the Magna Carta of Kerala?

Magna Carta is a charter agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede, on 15 June 1215. First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to make peace between the unpopular King and a group of rebel barons, it promised the protection of church rights protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment.


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