The only district in Kerala which has no forest?

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Which is the only district in Kerala which has no forest?
A) Kottayam
B) Alappuzha
C) Malappuram
D) Kollam
Answer: Alappuzha

Which district of Kerala have the largest area of forest?
A) Idukki
B) Kottayam
C) Wayanad
D) Palakkad
Answer: Idukki

Which district of Kerala is most forest dense area (forest per total area)?
A) Idukki
B) Kottayam
C) Pathanamthitta
D) Wayanad
Answer: Wayanad

The Kadalundi-Vallikunnu Reserve falls under which category?
A) Vested Reserve
B) Community Reserve Forest
C) Reserved Forest
D) Evergreen Forest
Answer: Community Reserve Forest

The state having the largest area of forest cover in India
A) Assam
B) Bihar
C) Himachal Pradesh
D) Madhya Pradesh
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Which is the first country to prohibit deforestation?
A) Lithuania
B) Green land
C) Norway
D) Denmark
Answer: Norway

International year of forest - 2011

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