Lecturer in Journalism Collegiate Education 562/2017 Answer Key

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Post: Lecturer in Journalism
Department: Collegiate Education
Category Code: 562/17
Qualification: Masters Degree in the concerned subject
Date of Test: 13-09-2018

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  1. Which of the following is not a responsibility of a journalist?
    • Professional responsibility
    • Legal responsibility
    • Ethical responsibility
    • None

  2. Which among the following is related to legal responsibilities of a journalist?
    • Law of slander
    • Libel
    • Both Law of slander & Libel
    • None

  3. Which among the following is included in the news related to parliamentary and assemblies?
    • Proceedings
    • Calling attention
    • Zero hour mentions
    • All these

  4. The inverted pyramid style of news writing began because
    • Readers were becoming less interested in the news
    • Readers like to read about the most important facts of a story first
    • The telegraph was not always reliable
    • It helped reporter to write the more in depth stories

  5. Which of the following is not a subsidiary part of a formal report?
    • Glossary
    • Appendix
    • Table of content
    • References
    Question Error

  6. A specific area assigned to a reporter for regular coverage is a (an)
    • Beat
    • Story
    • Editorial
    • Commonality

  7. The portion of the layout that explains what is happening in pictures is a
    • Dominant
    • Explanation
    • Caption
    • Reference

  8. Written defamation/slander refers to
    • Review
    • Libel
    • Legal activity
    • News
    Question Error

  9. Spoken defamation is also known as
    • Libel
    • Slander
    • Review
    • Probe

  10. Two facing pages are called a
    • Spread
    • Inverted Pyramid
    • Headline
    • Caption

  11. Which phrase describes a feature?
    • A hard news story
    • Any story that informs the reader
    • A soft news story
    • Any short newspaper article
    Question Error

  12. What is a lead?
    • The main idea of a feature story
    • A piece of information that attracts and keeps the reader interested
    • A point in the story where the reader loses interest
    • The angle of a story

  13. A summary lead contains
    • A direct quote
    • Instructions on how to read the story
    • The most important facts of the story
    • A list of all the sources quoted in the story

  14. What is soft news?
    • News that's based on opinions, not facts
    • News that's entertaining or interesting
    • News that's circulated on the Internet, not on paper
    • Advice columns

  15. What do profiles stories focus on?
    • A group's behaviour
    • An individual
    • Celebrity interviews only
    • Current events

  16. What is meant by balance in a news story?
    • Having several authors write a story
    • Getting a lawyer's opinion before writing an article
    • Giving the same amount of space to every paragraph
    • Covering all sides of an issue as fairly as possible

  17. Your choice of a source should depend on
    • The source's expertise
    • The source's popularity
    • The source's availability
    • The source's height and weight

  18. Right to Information Act came in to force in
    • 12th October 2005
    • 22nd October 2005
    • 12th June 2006
    • 22nd October 2006

  19. Under RTI Act, information means
    • Documents
    • Advices
    • Contracts
    • All of these

  20. Time limit for providing information under RTI Act concerning the life and liberty of a person is
    • 24 hours
    • 48 hours
    • 30 days
    • 7 days

  21. Supreme Court of India came into being in
    • 28th Jan. 1950
    • 26th Jan. 1950
    • 28th Feb. 1950
    • 26th Feb. 1950

  22. __________ means that a question that was dealt with in a certain way continues to be dealt with in that way in similar later situations.
    • Precedent
    • Pre-emption
    • Presumption
    • None of these

  23. The Press and Registration of Books Act enacted in the year
    • 1857
    • 1867
    • 1877
    • 1897

  24. The law for working journalists and other employees has been passed in the year
    • 1953
    • 1954
    • 1955
    • 1957

  25. To improve the standard of news agencies and Newspapers ________ was reconstituted.
    • Press Council
    • Wage Boards
    • Press Forums
    • CBFC

  26. The following is a defence against defamation
    • If it were for the public good
    • To publish a substantially true report of the proceedings of a court of justice
    • To express in good faith any option whatever respecting the conduct of a public servant in the discharge of his public functions
    • All of these

  27. A person is said to be offender of Contempt of Court under the following circumstances
    • Charging the judge with inability
    • To threat the witnesses
    • To attempt to obstruct in the police inquiry against the order of the judge
    • All of these

  28. 'TRIPS' stands for
    • Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Trade Related Acts of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Trade Relations Act of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Trade Relations Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights

  29. Present Chairman of Press Council of India
    • Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad
    • Justice Markandey Katju
    • Justice P. B. Sawant
    • None of them

  30. Contempt of Court was enacted for the first time in the year
    • 1952
    • 1962
    • 1971
    • 1982

  31. At present films are certified under ___________ categories.
    • 4
    • 3
    • 5
    • 6

  32. The freedom of expression is guaranteed under ___________ of Indian Constitution.
    • Article 19(1) (a)
    • Article 19(2)
    • Article 19(1) (b)
    • Article 21

  33. Which one from the following is the threat for the journalism?
    • Accuracy
    • Bias
    • All of these
    • None of these

  34. A willful disobedience of a court order or a willful interference with the administration of justice is
    • Contempt of court
    • Conflict of laws
    • Compensatory damages
    • None of these

  35. Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act was enacted in the year
    • 1986
    • 1987
    • 1977
    • 1978

  36. ______________ refers to the order a court issues so that it can review the decision and proceedings in a lower court and determine whether there were any irregularities.
    • Certiorari
    • Caveat
    • Appeal
    • None of these

  37. ____________ refers to a party that is allowed to provide information to a court even though the party is not directly involved in the case at hand.
    • Amicus curiae
    • Interim order
    • Attorney General
    • Advocate General

  38. Jurisprudence means
    • The topical area of the science of law and societal order
    • A legal scholar
    • Judicial system
    • None of these

  39. Defamatory (false and injurious) written statements or materials including movies or photographs is called
    • Libel
    • Slander
    • Lien
    • None of these

  40. Elements which must be present before a libel action that can be brought against a media report?
    • Publication
    • Harm to a person's reputation
    • Proof of all
    • None of these

  41. Which of the following are general Public Relations objectives for our program?
    • To publicize the educational and recreational facilities available
    • To encourage maximum use of the wading pool site in serving the community
    • To promote the role of staff, enabling them to deliver effective service and leadership
    • To seek the cooperation of patrons in the interest of their own safety and the safety of others
    Question Error

  42. Which of these are examples of public relations?
    • During conversations with patrons
    • When disciplining children
    • Among ourselves
    • All of these
    Question Error

  43. What should you keep in mind when you are handling a complaint?
    • Use a professional approach while listening carefully and maintaining eye contact
    • Determine what the customer wants. Get the facts and rephrase
    • Give choices if you have the authority
    • All of these

  44. Censorship is
    • A process which motivates people to work for the country and its people
    • Suppression of any communication which is much familiar in press and media against the freedom of speech and freedom of expression
    • A gatekeeper that prevents the media that act irresponsibly
    • All these

  45. Who has approached agenda setting theory?
    • Maxwell McCombs
    • Donald Shaw
    • Both Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw
    • None of these

  46. The main concept associated with the agenda setting theory is
    • Attribution theory
    • Gatekeeping theory
    • Structuration theory
    • None of these

  47. The "Daily Me" is an example of
    • Highly personalised newsfeed that includes only those feeds that the audience or the readers prefer to hear or read
    • Student newspaper at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
    • Newspaper published by journalism students during the 1968 Columbia strike
    • MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte's online 'zine
    Question Error

  48. The most applicable model to public speaking is
    • Two step flow
    • Lazarsfeld's model of communication
    • Aristotle's model of communication
    • Shanon-Weaver model

  49. The media has the responsibility of
    • Increasing confusion among the masses
    • Reducing confusion among the masses
    • Moulding public opinion
    • None
    Question Error

  50. The earliest model of communication is
    • Aristotle's model of communication
    • SMCR model of communication
    • Lasswell's model of communication
    • Wilbur Schramm's model

  51. ____________ is the person who decides what shall pass through each gate section, of which, in any process, there are several.
    • The gatekeeper
    • A king
    • A leader
    • Ombudsman

  52. Which is the first model to introduce targeted audience in a communication process?
    • Lasswell's model
    • Schramm's model
    • De fleur model of communication
    • The Relational Distances Model

  53. The communication model recommends two way communication process is
    • De fleur model of communication
    • AIDA model of communication
    • Knowledge Gap
    • Transactional model
    Question Error

  54. Gatekeepers exist in
    • Only in media houses
    • Only in business sectors
    • Almost every industry
    • Innovation pools

  55. __________ is when the media puts forward the most sensational messages to titillate consumers.
    • Transmission
    • Sensationalization
    • Mobilization
    • Teleplomacy

  56. Which theory suggests "feedback device"?
    • Semiotic theory
    • Spiral of silence
    • De fleur model of communication
    • SMCR model

  57. Which theory suggested the communication process is circular as well as it gives possible two way feedback?
    • Muted group theory
    • De fleur model of communication
    • Social identity theory
    • Barnlund's transactional model of communication
    Question Error

  58. De fleur combine these two models and creates new one called "De Fleur Model of Communication". The models are
    • SMCR model and Propaganda model
    • AIDA model and Poole's model
    • Shannon and Weaver model and Wesley and Mclean model
    • Constructionist model and Relational distances model

  59. An ad agency that earns revenues through a retainer
    • Bills client at an agreed upon price for a production
    • Bills clients by the hour for essential services
    • Bills clients by the day for essential services
    • Is compensated through a charge on the placement of ads, typically 15% of the cost of the time or space

  60. Authoritarian theory originated from the philosophy of
    • Plato
    • Socrates
    • Aristotle
    • Alexander the Great

  61. The theory De fleur model of communication is an expanded version of
    • Aristotle's model of communication
    • Shannon and Weaver model of communication
    • Uses and gratification approach of communication
    • Diffusion of innovation theory

  62. ___________ practiced Authoritarian media approach in Afghanistan.
    • American government
    • Taliban government
    • Burmese government
    • Pakistani government

  63. Catharsis theory of mass communication is the brainchild of
    • Sigmund Freud
    • Baran and Davis
    • D. McQuail
    • Richard A. Lanham
    Question Error

  64. Agenda setting theory used in
    • Political campaigns
    • Business news, PR
    • Ad campaign
    • All of these

  65. Who first used the term 'gatekeeping'?
    • Kurt Lewin
    • McCombs and Shaw
    • T.J. Scheff
    • Tim Vos

  66. The whole part of __________ used this approach to control the middle class from starting a revolution after printing press was started.
    • America
    • Western Europe
    • Africa
    • South-East Asia
    Question Error

  67. Media focuses on the characters of issues how?
    • People should think about
    • Government Should think about
    • Corporate people should think about
    • What the masses should think about

  68. Framing is a process of
    • Selective control
    • Media control
    • Judgement
    • Media influencing similar versions as response among masses as in their articles

  69. "The most important effect of mass communication is its ability to mentally order and organize our world for us. "To whose model the statement relates to?
    • Maxwell McCombs
    • Donald Shaw
    • Both Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw
    • None

  70. ___________ is an unauthorized use, typically of a patent or copyright.
    • Infringement
    • Invasion of privacy
    • Slander
    • Libel

  71. The year the Official Secrets Act came into effect in India
    • 1874
    • 1911
    • 1868
    • 1923

  72. Cross Merchandising is a form of
    • Sales promotion
    • Corporate merger
    • Global competition
    • Trading products

  73. The conflict of interest between media that wants to cover a trial and a defendant who wants a fair trial is an example of
    • An impact issue
    • An ethical issue
    • A legal issue
    • A moral issue

  74. A small group of company that dominates an industry is called
    • An oligopoly
    • A conglomerate
    • A monopoly
    • A corporation

  75. According to text which among the following is one of the primary reasons for global dominance of American media?
    • Its educational features
    • The uniformity of its audience
    • The widespread use of English language
    • Charge higher prices than the competitors
    Question Error

  76. Mediated communications are the sharing of messages
    • With a large widespread audience
    • On a face to face basis
    • For the purpose of entertainment
    • Conveyed through an interposed device

  77. One job of the gatekeeper is to determine
    • The amount of feedback that returns to the source of a media message
    • How messages to consumers are constructed
    • How mass communication affects interpersonal communication
    • How rating data will be interpreted by the media

  78. "Telegraphic" writing style made journalism more
    • Wordy and flowery
    • Terse and to the point
    • Honest and factual
    • Business-like

  79. The formation of Associated Press helped establish the journalistic ideal of
    • Getting the facts straight
    • Writing from a political point of view
    • Sharing local news and correspondents
    • Separating fact from opinion

  80. Media literacy means the ability to
    • Read and write
    • Create professional media
    • Understand and use media
    • Prepare for a career in media

  81. "No caste, No religion and No God for mankind" are the words of
    • Pandit K.P. Karuppan
    • Thykkad Ayya
    • Sahodaran Ayyappan
    • Brahmananda Sivayogi

  82. The Indian who won the Gold Medal in shooting [Women] in the 2018 Commonwealth games
    • Anjali Bhagavat
    • Manu Bhakar
    • Shreya Singh
    • Mithali Raj
    Question error

  83. "Suragi" is the autobiography of
    • Gauri Lankesh
    • U.R. Anantha Murthy
    • Lata Mangeshkar
    • B.S. Karanth

  84. Achanakmar national park is in
    • Gujarat
    • Uttarakhand
    • Chhattisgad
    • Jharkhand

  85. World Psychology Day is on
    • October 24
    • March 5
    • April 12
    • June 13

  86. Who is the Chairman of the 65th National Film Awards Committee?
    • Bharati Raja
    • Gautam Ghosh
    • Shaji. N. Karun
    • Shekhar Kapoor

  87. The film which won Indram, the Kerala State film Award for the best Actor?
    • Ottamuri Velicham
    • Bhayanakam
    • Ottal
    • Aalorukkam
    Question Error

  88. Who is the Captain of the Indian Women Hockey team?
    • Aditi Ashok
    • Rani Rampal
    • Deepika Kumari
    • Jhulan Goswami

  89. Los Pinos is the official residence of the President of
    • Cuba
    • Venezuela
    • Mexico
    • Bolivia

  90. Who among the following is known as Qaid-E-Azam :
    • Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
    • Muhammed Ali Jinnah
    • Mahatma Gandhi
    • B.M. Suhrewardy

  91. Sportsman Neeraj Chopra is associated with
    • Javeline
    • Pole-vault
    • Table Tennis
    • Snooker

  92. The book "Englands' Debt to India" is written by
    • Dadabhai Naoroji
    • Romesh Chandra Dutt
    • Lala Lajpat Rai
    • K.T. Telang

  93. All India Kisan Sabha came into existence in
    • 1932
    • 1936
    • 1941
    • 1946

  94. Unani System of Medicine was popularised in India by
    • Iranians
    • Afghans
    • Arabs
    • Turks

  95. The first woman to win the Padmasree Award
    • Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
    • Nargees Dutt
    • Lata Mangeshkar
    • Asha Poornadevi
    Question Error

  96. Who is known as the "Mayyazhi Gandhi"?
    • M. Mukundan
    • I.K. Kumaran
    • K. Kelappan
    • A.K. Gopalan

  97. "Charaka Samhitha" is a book on
    • astronomy
    • grammar
    • music
    • medicine

  98. The Indian Prime Minister who abolished the privy-purse paid to the Kings of the erstwhile Indian Princely States?
    • Morarji Desai
    • Rajeev Gandhi
    • V.P. Singh
    • Indira Gandhi

  99. The Sikh Guru who founded the Golden Temple of Amritsar?
    • Guru Arjun Dev
    • Guru Govind Singh
    • Guru Har Rai
    • Guru Har Kishan

  100. In the year 2000, the union government of India appointed the Padmanabhayya Committee to make recommendations on
    • Panchayati Raj reforms
    • Education reforms
    • Police reforms
    • Road Transport reforms


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